Łódź Citizen Card for foreigners.

Łódź Citizen Card is a system of discounts and offers available citywide. Shopping, cultural institutions, entertainment, sport activities, public transportations, health care, and much more will cost you even 20% less with the Card.


Are you a foreigner? You can use the Łódź Citizen Card if you:

- study at one of the universities or colleges in Łódź,
- pay your income taxes ( pol. PIT – Private Income Tax) in Łódź*

*A foreigner who is also a polish resident has a duty to pay taxes here via PIT-36, PIT-37, or PIT-40 forms.

If you meet the criteria mentioned above, you and your minor children are welcome to use the card.

How to use Łódź Citizen Card?

To use The Łódź Citizen Card you have to fill in a form in one of our customer service centers: there is one on Piotrkowska Street 87 and the other on Piotrkowska Street 28.

When applying for Card, show us one of the following documents (original or copied):

- Valid student card from Łódź university or college with valid ELS sticker


- First page of your PIT-36, PIT-37, or PIT-40 from the previous year (2021)

You may fill the paper form and pay the 1 PLN activation fee in customer service point. You may also apply for the Łódź Citizen Card for your children.
Your Łódź Citizen Card will be ready for use instantly and thus valid until 31st of May 2024.
To use the selected discount service show the Card before your purchase.